About Dustin


This is Dustin!

Dustin McKibben is a photographer in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Dustin’s been capturing weddings for over 10 years! He doesn’t just do weddings though, he also shoots a wide variety of commercial photography with a focus on real estate. Dustin also runs a video production company called Big Burrito. From his photography website, you can see that no one brings the awesome quite like he can.

In addition to his work shooting weddings and real estate, Dustin also owns several rental properties throughout the Fort Wayne area. His company, probably called something like Lil’ Trump Rentals, is flourishing as he begins to build his real estate empire. But, Dustin’s first and foremost love is still his wife and kids. Or at least that’s what I think he’d say.

Likes: Moon Shoes, Ranch Steaks, Long Ties, Photos on Ladders, Flying His Drone, Instagram Collages, Metal Prints, Thumb Drives, and Being a Host of the Best Photography Podcast in the World.

Dislikes: Spicy Food, Beer with Flavor, People Making Fun of Fort Wayne, and Back Up Solutions for Photos.

Aliases: DJ D-Mac Attack, DUSTIN UNDERSCORE MCKIBBENNNNNNN!, Dusty, John Doe, and Grand Master Photographer of Fort Wayne.