Ep. #018 - Steve's Mac Dies at the End

Steve and Dustin are back and hitting it hard after the holidays. First up, Steve's drinking an Oat Street Porter by Byway Brewing. After that we talk about our Thanksgivings and the photo gear we purchased on Black Friday. We talk a little bit about the sites we use to find the deals too, which are available to use year round and always helpful.


- the name your price site


- the reddit of deals

Also, here's a quick link for some more info on that awesome Michael Graves house in Fort Wayne that Dustin didn't buy:


After that Dustin talks about his iPhone X. Then Steve talks a little bit about his frustrations with macOS, and briefly entertains the fantasy of revisiting the PC hellscape. Then we talk about making a Christmas gift idea list for photographers. If you have any good ideas, write us (email address toward the bottom of the show notes).

Then we briefly talk about whether or not smartphones are ruining a brand new generation of photographers. Then it's on to questions and answers. Question 1: Should you charge more for extraneous edits when your contract doesn't specifically state that you will? Question 2: What's the best place to buy a personalized USB drive from? Question 3: How do you capture the fastest moment?

That about wraps it up for this week, but in the after show Steve and Dustin briefly talk about Stranger Things and Steve shamelessly plugs his brother-in-law's podcast which recently had an episode drop about Stranger Things:


Then Steve goes on a rant in the after show about Christmas projector light pollution which somehow leads to talk about car seats, and ultimately ends the episode... How? Read the title. Sad day.

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