Ep. #031 - The One with Nathan Mitchell of the Epic Podcast

a man with glasses stands on top of a mountain with some snow while other taller mountains loom behind him

This week we invited photographer and podcaster Nathan Mitchell onto the show to talk about how he got started shooting weddings, why he thinks it's beneficial to second shoot, running Instagram advertising campaigns, and his band Prisms. We touch on a lot of other stuff too and Nathan gives some great, practical advice for photographers. Plus, Nathan tells us about the first wedding he shot... when he was traveling in India. We also play some Star Wars trivia and answer some questions from the internet about whether or not you should narc on a guest that's breaking the venue's rules, whether or not an inexperienced photographer should shoot a friend's wedding, and what to do if you see something you shouldn't at a wedding (which we're pretty certain was joke question, but we included it anyway).

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