Ep. #079 - Don't Cross the Line with Jimi Ferrara of Wedding Photographers Unite!

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This week Jimi Ferrara, super-host on the Wedding Photographers Unite! podcast, joins us! We talk to Jimi about his switch from being a Camera Assistant for Saturday Night Live to being a full time photographer. Jimi talks about why he stopped working as a Camera Assistant for independent films. We also talk about Sony mirrorless cameras, Jimi's move away from Nikon, and how his wife Natalie started shooting with him.

Read more in depth about the con-queen of Hollywood:

Hollywood Reporter. This Life of Travel.

Read more about the Sony firmware update.

Q&A: What Scottish Whisky does Jimi enjoy? What should a photographer do with a bag of white powder found in their equipment after a wedding shoot? How to combat a false negative review, especially when the situation involved the groom and groomsmen getting naked without the photographer's consent? Plus we read an amazing 5-star review from an unknown listener.

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