Ep. #117 - Conceptual Photography with Aaron Nace of Phlearn

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Aaron Nace joins us this week to talk about his conceptual photography, his journey into becoming a photographer, and his recent trip to Alaska where he shot the reception of a wedding. He's not a wedding photographer, but he did get the photos turned around and sent back to the client in one night. So he's putting us all to shame. We also talk with Aaron about his company Phlearn and the motivation behind teaching other photographers his craft.

Beer Talk:
Aaron - Meinklang Burgenlandred 2017 (it's a biodynamic wine)
Steven - Dorian Espresso Stout by Scarlet Lane Brewing Co.
Dustin - Salute the Sun by Elysian Brewing Co.

How do I talk to models for photos?
How can I get a long exposure of a model with cold milk splashing against them?
How can I get a photo of a witch on a broomstick?
What is the limit for shoe ears on animals?
How do I make photos look as sexy Avadar (sic) not as sexy smurf?

We talk a lot about Aaron’s conceptual photography in this episode. Here are a few examples of his amazing work that he shared with us. Be sure to check out his website to see more of his fantastical, surreal images.

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Want to learn new things about photography? Go to Phlearn and use discount code weddinghangover20 for 20% off a subscription.

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