Ep. #119 - Questionable Inflatable Doll Photos

This photo provided by Rebecca Elliot of  Sunnybrook Photo .

This photo provided by Rebecca Elliot of Sunnybrook Photo.

This week Dustin talks at length about a haunted house he went through. He's so courageous! We also have follow up about mattresses and using your Mac as a second display for your other Mac. Then, we're talking about Instagram at length. This episode is all about that toxic cess pool of social media. Stuck on Me is a movie with Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear. Also, a listener shares a messed up dream with us.

Beer Talk:
Steven - Dragon's Milk White from New Holland Brewery
Dustin - Night Owl from Elysian Brewing Co.

Should you deliver photos with an inflatable doll in questionable positions to some prudes?
Does it annoy anyone when clients post cell phone photos from guests on their anniversary?
Do you prefer a slightly tighter crop or a wider crop?

Episode art from Rebecca Elliot of Sunnybrook Photo.

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