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I’ve tried listening to some of these recommendations I got for photography related podcasts and I haven’t liked any of them consistently. Hopefully one of these that I haven’t gotten around to checking out will be better!
— India Earl,
...this was easy to listen to while feeding my kid.
— SirrSterl, Apple Podcasts Review
First off I apologize if my review shows up multiple times. I was not working on my phone so I switchd to the laptop.
— TwoToads, Apple Podcasts Review
This is a podcast that exists.
— Pappy Drew 90, Apple Podcasts Review
I can’t seem to tell if all of Steve’s jokes go over Dustin’s head, or if Dustin is choosing to ignore them because they’re all bad puns.
— Zane Naylor, Apple Podcasts Review
Ranch on Steak is just wrong!!!
— J Michael (Jason Mann), Apple Podcasts Review
Literally the best comic relief for photographers
— Kenzie McMullen, Apple Podcasts Review
...cringy (sic) and painful...
— BillMurray23, Apple Podcasts Review dudes...
— b.marchulaitus, Apple Podcasts Review
I feel like I’ve stepped into some other dimension. The German rave music, crispy mattress’, unsure if they are actually stoating drunk or not? I love it and I’m not even finished yet.
— Louise Malcolm, Facebook Comment
Some photography discussions would be helpful. Especially if it related to wedding photography...
— mharding7va, Apple Podcasts Review
— RachBlankenship, Apple Podcasts Review