Ep. #006 - Extravagantalist

In this episode, Dustin and Steve talk about the new iPhone X... Well, they try to talk about it but first Steve forces Dustin to talk about their drinks. Dustin is drinking a clear liquid which he claims is water. Steve is drinking a Tiberius IPA from Scarlet Lane, a great Indiana beer for a great Indiana man. Then Dustin and Steve get down to talking about what they are excited about with the announcement of the iPhone X. Dustin tries to explain to Steve how he rents-to-own his phones instead of buying them outright. Steve shares a.lot of tech specs he read straight from the MacStories website. Then Dustin coerces Steve to read an Instagram DM conversation. Steve sent a bunch of eggplant emojis to someone on Instagram, which ultimately devolves into Dustin and Steve talking about dick pics, thus continuing their inability to ever run for political office. Dustin shares his marketing secrets that get him to 50-60 weddings a year, while Steve talks about how much he dislikes Avatar, the movie... Not the cartoon or the Last Air Bender movie. Spoiler alert, Steve drinks a second beer, a Spooky Tooth Imperial Pumpkin Ale from Fat Heads Brewing and things go off the rails for a little while. Then, finally, Dustin decides to run a giveaway.

Check out the awesome Time Magazine article about Time's first iPhone Portfolio shot by Luisa Dörr: 


Check out the Bored Panda article about the photos done with an iPhone and McDonald's box shot by Philippe Echaroux:


Check out that MacStories article where Steve scrapped those iPhone X and iPhone 8 camera tech specs:


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