Ep. #005 - Just the Tip

In this episode, Dustin plays just the tip with his Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin Ale while Steve drinks a delicious St. Bernardus Tripel bought for him as a gift. Then, Steve promotes the podcast, in the podcast. It's podcast inception. Dustin and Steve discuss their non-existent political futures. Then it's on to the good stuff. Dustin talks about his backup plan since he just went through what he calls the super bowl of wedding weekends (Labor Day Weekend) where he shot three weddings. Then Steve goes on a rant about the misuse of drones in photography and videography, especially in wedding photography and videography. Dustin gets around to talking about another Kickstarter product that he still hasn't received. It's called GearEye and Dustin refers to it as a Tile competitor. Steve shares an embarrassing story about misunderstanding song lyrics. Then Dustin talks about another product he "invested" in and never received called loop. It's a product for people without smartphones or tablets.

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