Ep. #011 - Forked by Adobe with Special Guest Jennifer Van Elk

Dustin and Steve invite special guest Jennifer Van Elk (Steve's wife) onto the episode. Dustin's drinking a Lil Sumpin' Sumpin' from Lagunitas while Steve and Jenn are all up on the Eirik Bloodaxe from Scarlet Lane again. This week we talk about the Lightroom fork by Adobe. Then we move onto talking about whether or not brides and grooms should have their phones on them on the wedding day. After that we talk about unplugged weddings and whether or not we like them.

Then we dip our toes into talking about a little controversy from the internet. We talk about whether or not it's okay to take photos when someone else is doing photos and whether or not it's okay to cyber bully, or just complain in general on social media. Then we move onto questions and answers. The questions this week are, "Do we monitor who follows us on social media and who's liking which pictures we post? Do we give refunds to people if they get divorced within three years of their wedding? Is it worth telling a client to take down photos of yours that they put a filter on?"

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