Ep. #012 - A Cat Named Syphilis (Halloween Special)

On this very special Halloween Spooktacular version of the show, Dustin and Steve talk about the scariest photography topics... but first they talk beer. Dustin's drinking some basic bitch shit again... Is his Leinenkugel Summer Shandy even worth mentioning in the show notes? Meanwhile Steve's partaking of the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore, from Scarlet Lane of course.

Next up Steve and Dustin talk about what to do when a client ghosts you... and also when it's appropriate to ghost a potential client. Then they talk about superstitions that could ruin your life... and your wedding. So keep this podcast close to your heart and replay it before every wedding so you can keep your clients safe. After that Steve and Dustin talk about haunted venues. Notre Dame is briefly talked about, then Steve talks about the Inn at Irwin Gardens and shares his only spooky story. Next up Dustin talks about the Hannah House, one of the most haunted venues in the US, which is located right in Indianapolis. Then, if you're listening to the podcast, Steve massacres a story his wife told him about the Sealbach Hotel down in Louisville that involves the death of a bride.

Next up Steve and Dustin answer some questions. Question this week include what's a good spooky march for a wedding? How do you capture photos of a ghost? Is it possible to take pictures of a vampire?

If you've never read Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Raven, do it now (thank me, Steve, later):


Here's that sweet video of a bride freaking out and cutting her hair:


It was apparently fake though, something Dustin didn't mention in the episode:


Here's a link to the website with the info about 19th century superstitions:


If you want to read more about the Hannah House:


If you want to read about a haunted venue in your state:


Here's a link to haunted locations in Indiana:


Also, here's a link to some scary bride stories that we didn't talk about in the episode, but whatever, Steve's wife Jenn looked it up while doing research so we're sharing it:


Finally, a big thanks to Darren Curtis for the atmospheric, spooky music:


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