Ep. #024 - Filthy Car Fingers & New Cameras At CES

It's Dustin and Steve, live in person! Well, not with an audience, but they're in the same room. It's basically the plot of face off. So check out the video on YouTube whenever Dustin gets that done and be prepared to be confused as you match the voices to the bodies.

First up, it's follow up! Steve asks Dustin the serious question of whether or not he faked that his sweet baby was crying so that he wouldn't have to deal with Steve tearing into him because he booked a wedding on the day his new baby is due. Steve can't let it slide though.

Onto the real stuff, we talk about the Panasonic Lumix GH5s that was announced at CES. Then we talk about whether or not you should give your photos to other vendors to use for marketing purposes, because a venue jumped onto social media and specifically asked photographers to send them marketing material. So we of course jump over into talking about social media etiquette which leads us to talk about a photo we were tagged in recently on Instagram. The photo is question is a complaint a photographer had about a bride's family during family photos which was then posted to Instagram and in which the photographer tagged the bride. Are you not freaking out as much as we are?

Next up we talk about a new trend that's really lighting up Instagram. You're not going to want to get on this trend, assuming it's real. It's like using photoshop to turn the bride and groom into that person in Beetlejuice that's waiting to get into hell with a shrunken head.

Finally we move onto questions and answers. Questions include, What are some of your favorite marketing strategies? Is there any etiquette for working with videographers and what do you do if they hit you in the head multiple times with their cameras? If you're buying a new iMac should you buy it with only 8GB of RAM and a spinning disc or fusion drive?

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