Ep. #023 - Straight Crushin' It & IPS

This week Steve's drinking a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale while Dustin's back on that clear liquid he always seems to drink. First up we discuss why we keep shooting weddings. Then it's on to talking about Instagram and a few changes that were made. Next up we talk about crediting people in your posts and whether or not you should watermark photos you allow other vendors to share. Then Steve shares an email he received and there's a brief discussion about whether or not it makes good business sense to describe yourself as crushing it in an initial email to a stranger.

Finally, as promised, we move on to answering questions. Questions this week are all from listeners, no trolling facebook groups or yahoo answers. First up we talk about in person sales (IPS). Then we talk about finding and marketing to your ideal client, whether or not we think it's a good idea to accept bitcoin as a form of payment, and whether we'd be willing to do an episode from Colorado while sampling something mind altering that isn't beer. Last up we talk about what changes having a baby can bring to your business and when you should stop accepting weddings around the due date.

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