Ep. #039 - Double Wide Lenses with Jennifer Van Elk

Steve's sick, so he asked his wife Jenn to step in for him this week on the podcast. But it's okay, because he grabbed her a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA before he went to bed for the night. First Jenn and Dustin are following up on some topics from past episodes. Ulices Del Toro of the Wedding Photo Podcast wrote in to update us on Style Me Pretty. It's not dead yet. Phantom Producer Louie Novak didn't end up having strep throat... but he did have the flu. You'll have to listen to the episode to see what happened to him with regard to wedding he had to shoot shortly after he found out he was sick though. Next up, Jenn talks to Dustin about why he finally got back on Twitter last week, since Steve totally forgot... Then she calls Dustin out on something related to his Twitter. Last up, Dustin talks about that styled shoot he did for free that another vendor paid to be a part of and talks about why the shoot went up on a blog, but didn't make it into the magazine.

Now, done with follow up and on to the main show... After Dustin takes us down a tangent asking Jenn about how her wedding photography origins. Then they talk about NVIDIA's new content aware fill AI that's way better than Adobe Photoshop's content aware fill. Next up they talk about how photographers should talk with potential clients, and about a big faux pa that a photographer recently made while communicating with a potential client that's making the rounds on social media

Read up on that new NVIDIA AI:
Fstopppers Article

Finally, we get to the very best part! It's time for some questions and answers! A little Q&A! Questions this week include, what are your thoughts on big proposals and big ass engagement rings (from @codyturnerweddings on Instagram), how many days do you take to deliver a wedding gallery to your clients, and what lens is good for shooting inside a limo?

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