Ep. #040 - Should You Post Your Prices on Social Media?

Guess who's back?! Back Again! Stevie's Back! Tell your friends. We do have fun, don't we? This week on the podcast Steve's drinking a Flat 12 Bierworks Milk Stout and Dustin's back on that clear beverage he claims is water. Then there's a ton of follow up. Steve tells an embarrassing story about himself that he thought Dustin was referencing in the last episode. Steve gets to the bottom of whether or not Dustin really feels responsible when his couples divorce. Dustin gives some terrible excuse for why he keeps getting his soft box in photos that doesn't really make sense, but whatever... And finally we talk about some reasons why the photographer that shoots the proposal might not shoot the engagement session or the wedding. Finally, follow up is over.

Our first topic is whether or not we think it's a good idea to post prices to social media. Next we talk about whether you give discounts to couples that won't let you post their photos to your website or to social media. Then we talk about college graduation photos. Next up we talk about real estate photography and Dustin talks about being interviewed. Then we talk about a whether or not it's okay to be dismissive of educational classes about photography (kind of the inverse of being dismissive of photographers who didn't study photography in college). Then we talk about the controversy with the British Wildlife Photograph of the Year Award. Finally we intro a new segment which we'll probably end up calling Why Would You Post That? In this segment we talk about a photo we found on social media and discuss how ridiculous it is that someone posted it.

Here's a link to the article about the wildlife photo that was faked:


Here's a link to that photo on twitter (be nice, cause it's awesome):


If you want to check out the Weddings For Real Podcast which had a promo in this episode right before Q&A, check it out here:


It's time for Q&A! We only do two questions tonight, but one of the questions is a three part question. So the first question is what should you do if the bride recreates your engagement session shot for shot with another photographer in the same outfit, in the same locations, doing the same poses? And what should you do if when you email the client about this, the client decides to ghost you and then you realize you have a deposit but no contract? Should you release the date since the client isn't getting back to you? Should you sue the client for the full amount of the wedding photography assuming they have fired you but just haven't told you? What would you do in this situation? I told you there were like three questions encapsulated in the one question. The other question is whether you should specify in your contract how fancy a groom should dress on the wedding day?

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