Ep. #049 - From Cedar Point to Six Figure Photography with Ben Hartley

j ben hartley professional longboarder, oil painter, wedding photographer and podcaster wearing a gray hat backwards and a gray shirt with his hands behind his head and a big smile on his face and ring light catchlights in his eyes

Ben Hartley of the Six Figure Photography podcast and owner of Style and Story joins us to talk about his journey from Cedar Point to oil painting to ministry to professional longboarding to wedding photography to podcasting. There's a lot of ground to cover, but we cover it quickly. So pull up a seat and listen to Steve and Dusty talk about life and work and photography with J.

Questions this week include: How can I get people to move out of my way during the baraat? How can I hold a laugh in when the bride can't hold a fart in? How can I keep myself from getting served Little Caeser's Pizza as my vendor meal? Is it okay to wear a white shirt to a wedding with black pants, or is a white shirt considered to be a faux pas like a white dress?

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