Ep. #048 - What Gear Do You Need for an Engagement Shoot?

a wedding party runs away from two dinosaurs, one girl is in a wheelchair

The case of the crazy edits, the flat tire on the way to a wedding, what to do at the same venue, take two, and thoughts on IGTV one week in. It's a strong way to start the show. Steve's drinking a Vane from Scarlet Lane. Then we're on to the show! Steve's angry that some people told a photographer to lie to her clients when a card corrupted and she lost photos. What parts of the wedding day do we feel like it's pointless to capture. Do we do father/daughter reveals?

Then we're on to Q&A! Questions this week include: Has a family member ever tried to sell your services for you, and done it in an embarrassing way (thanks phantom producer Louie Novak)? How can you find out what rules a minister might have for the photographer? Do you have any tips, advice or equipment that's a must have for an engagement shoot?

If you have your own embarrassing story about someone trying to sell your services for you, join our facebook group and share it with us. We'll read our favorites in a future episode. (link below)

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