Ep. #074 - Getting All the Hugs with Ulices Del Toro of the Wedding Photo Podcast

a bearded man in white stands in front of a window looking to the side while wearing a rapid holster for his cameras

This week on the podcast Steve’s joined by Ulices Del Toro of the Wedding Photo Podcast. Steve and Ulices talk about a wide variety of things. In follow up: Steve’s wife is dunking on him in the facebook group.

Beer Talk:
Steve - Lagunitas Born Yesterday Pale Ale and Scarlet Lane Barrel Aged Olga Russian Imperial
Ulices - El Segundo Brewing and Claremont Craft Ale Collaboration Beach to Baldi and Barrel House Brewing Juicy IPA

How to handle disrespectful clients
Ulices’s decision to quit his day job and go full time with his photography
Ulices’s wife baking beautiful cookies and cakes. The Yummy Life
How should you handle photoshop requests?
Three People One Veil

Do you select all images to edit for your clients or allow them to choose?
Do you say goodbye to the couple or just bounce at the end of a wedding?
Should you buy a Canon 85mm f/1.2 or a 100mm f/2.8 for macro shots and portraits?

In this episode Ulices talks about capturing a photo that he wanted to capture all year long. Here's that photo:

a minimalist photo of a bride and groom walking hand in hand with nothing but a big sky behind them

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