Ep. #073 - Targeting your Ideal Client with Heidi Thompson

heidi thompson of evolve your wedding business

We're joined this week by Heidi Thompson! A special guest so nice that she's been on the podcast twice! This week we're talking about formulating marketing plans for you business so you can minimize the amount of time you're spending on marketing while maximizing the effect your marketing has on potential clients. It's a good, good conversation even if we do get on some random tangents about potential businesses and insta-stories.

What can I do to combat a new photographer's guerrilla marketing techniques without ratting them out to the authorities for breaking the law?
How can I get my photo booth business off the ground without it seeming like I'm being pushy with my wedding photography clients when I offer them this service that they didn't ask about?

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If you want to take advantage of the 21 day free trial Heidi mentioned, go to http://www.theweddingbusinesscollective.com and select the premium $67/month plan.

If you're interested in her book, Clone Your Best Clients, then you can find it at www.evolveyourweddingbusiness.com/clone

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