Ep. #089 - Gamify Work with Marianne Chua and Kari Bellamy of Amazeballs Wedding Photography Podcast


This week we were joined by Kari Bellamy and Marianne Chua of the Amazeballs Wedding Photography Podcast and the Chua and the Bell youtube channel. Marianne and Kari are both wedding photographers based out of London, in the UK. We talk with the two of them about their experiences working as wedding photographers and how they got started. We also talk with them a lot about Secret Cinema, Fujifilm cameras and Sony cameras... because we love to talk about mirrorless kits.

How can I get out of this coffee shop without giving my clients a view of the back of pants which I tore on my way in?
How do I handle a situation with a client whose dog passed away but is still asking for pictures of them and the dog on the wedding day?
Is it cool to cancel on shooting a wedding a month before I'm supposed to shoot it if I get an internship in another state?

Steve brought up an article about a woman who wouldn't pay a photographer unless that photographer completed a checklist of photos. Here it is.

We spoke briefly about Princess Eugenie's royal wedding pics.

Kari talked a lot about some Horrible Logos and Jingles… So we had a Horrible Logo and Jingle made special for the episode. You can hear the jingle in the episode or on the Horrible Jingle site, and below you can find the logo.


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