Ep. #088 - Tip of the Hat with Megan McGreevy and Sarah & Carey Casile of I Don’t Give An F-Stop


This week we’re joined by the crew from the I Don’t Give an F-Stop Podcast to talk about wedding photography, running small businesses, a little bit about their podcast and a lot about their relationships with each other. We talk a lot about styled shoots, the back end of producing a live video show that’s then turned into a podcast, working for Disney, what kind of man meat could make a girl break up with her boyfriend of 2 years at first sight, and some scary stuff like dealing with life threatening illnesses.

Beer Talk:
Sarah and Megan - White Claw and also Svedka shots
Dustin - New Belgium Fat Tire
Steve - Taxman Brewing Coffee Vanilla Qualified

How long do you have to wait after one of your couples divorces before you slide into their DMs?
What sort of client gifts are appropriate to give to your clients?
What do you do to get something back from a client who stole it?

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