Ep. #094 - Becoming Who You Want to Be with Nathan Holritz of the Bokeh Podcast


This week we had Nathan Holritz on the show! Nathan is the host of the Bokeh podcast and A Love Portrait podcast. He's also the CEO of Photographers Edit and Miilu. We talk with Nathan about his transition from wedding photographer to CEO of a wedding photo editing company, about his goals with the Bokeh podcast, about how to feed frozen mice to pet snakes, and how to turn photographers serving jail time into editing machines. Nathan also teaches how to say penis in Japanese, so stick around till the very end.

How much Liquefying is too much?
How can I stay focused on editing and not get distracted by Orange is the New Black?
My computer don't click and the pix donut look good. I have sharpie, can I use to fix print?
How do I convince my clients not to Grimace their way into going full Barney with their skin tones?

Beer Talk:
Raspberry Ginger Exemption from Taxman Brewing Company

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