Ep. #095 - Should I Shoot My Wife's Identical Twin's Boudoir Photos?


We're taking a deep dive into an anonymous listener's question this week about doing photos for their wife's identical twin. But first we're talking about a 300 person die in event, a handsy videographer who kept calling the photographer friend, drones delivering human organs, Adobe testing raising their prices on photographers, B&H's new BayPoo sales tax credit card scheme, a museum that banned photos of people eating bananas and the glorious reaction on twitter and instagram, a guy who can't figure out why people are willing to pay more for photos than they are for video, and someone on twitter getting upset that people are having fun with prom.

Beer Talk:
Dustin - La Maison from Taxman Brewing Company
Steven - President Brutarsky from Quaff On Brewing Company

Should I shoot my wife's identical twin's boudoir photos?
What drone should I buy for real estate photography?
How do I politely bypass wedding planners to work directly with clients?

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