Ep. #101 - What's the Most Overrated Lens for Wedding Photography?


This week on the podcast we're talking about the most overrated lens for wedding photographers. We're also talking about trips to California and Mexico, Lightroom being sold on the Mac App Store, the stolen Royal wedding photos and some fun stuff like bloodsucking kissing bugs and Dr. Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck. Dustin also cracks open a cold case. That's right, he's reopened the case of his SEO guy who sent him a letter saying that the SEO business had gone bankrupt. It's juicy as hell. Plus we have a lot of information about smoke bombs, fog machines, and atmosphere aerosol in the follow up. Also, someone admits to making a huge mistake with regard to their photo editing software.

Beer Talk:
Dustin - 420 Strain G13 IPA from Sweetwater Brewing Co.
Steve - Old Fashioned... which is basically a weight-loss shake compared to beer

What are your policies on clients filtering photos?
How do you reply to an enquiry for five years and 7 months away?

Zane's write up on atmosphere/haze/fog/smoke (gotta join the facebook group to read).
Adobe Lightroom on the Mac App Store on DPReview.
Fstoppers article about the most overrated lens.
Royal wedding photographer hacked and photos stolen (this was everywhere, but I'm on Fstoppers already so I linked to that article)

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