Ep. #102 - Is It Ok to Fake Wedding Photos? with Ulices Del Toro of the Wedding Photo Podcast


This week special guest Ulices Del Toro of the Wedding Photo Podcast fills in for Dustin. We talk about Youtubers faking trips on Instagram, Unsplash hitting 1 million photos posted, a photographer wearing white to a wedding, a photographer getting angry DMs from a maternity boudoir client's husband (it's convoluted), and how you can make the bridal party happy by sending your second shooter to get this one thing. We also have a lot of follow up about how brown or green the state of California is, whether or not Dustin lied to Steve about a listener, Steve's DJI Mavic Pro watercolor effect woes, and the greatest joke a listener has ever pulled off.

Beer Talk:
Ulices - Melon Cart from Golden Road Brewing
Steve - Old Fashioned (made with Elijah Craig Bourbon Whiskey)
Other beers mentioned: Obsidian Stout from Deschutes Brewery, Most Excellent IPA from The Dudes' Brewing Company, and three beers from the Florida Beer Company only found at Universal: Wizard's Brew Stout, Dragon Scale Lager, and Duff Beer. We talked about these beers, but we didn't drink them while recording though.

How do you find things to talk about on a podcast or vlog about photography every week?
Can you fix a print with a sharpie when your computer don't click and the pix donut look good?
What should you put in your Photo Booth contract?

Joshua Wither's very amazing URL joke: shotprof.photos
YouTubers faking vacations on Instagram on Mashable.
Unsplash hits that 1 Million Photo Milestone on PetaPixel.
Some random tweet about a photographer supposedly wearing white to a wedding.
Better Sex with Rachel Bloom the episode of Scriptnotes Steve raved about.
The Truth About Sex episode of Wedded that Ulices and Steve talked about.


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