Ep. #109 - Airy-Fairy Photography with Booray Perry and Gary Hughes of the Photobomb Podcast

Photo by  Kevin Newsome .

Photo by Kevin Newsome.

This week we’re joined by the world’s greatest photographers, Booray Perry and Gary Hughes, of the Photobomb Podcast! It’s a claim that the intro to their podcast makes every week… and I guess now we’ve made about them too. We’re talking about Comic books, Dungeons and Dragons, parenting, podcasting, the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and a little bit about actual photography at some point too!

Can you wash a lens wipe if someone spit on it?
How can you get information about a sick kid whose sucker you at off the floor?
If you’re doing a drip coffee shoot with a model, how hot is too hot for the coffee you’re going to pour on the model?
What are some names for a photography company that’ll bring in less emails that are gross than my current name, B.J. Photography?

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