Ep #110 - How Should You Price Destination Wedding Photography?

Episode art from Sally Siko of  Silvercord Event Photography .

Episode art from Sally Siko of Silvercord Event Photography.

Spider-Man is out of the MCU. A photographer loses photos in a house fire. A photographer in Wisconsin who lost their gear, get it all back... with the wedding photos still on the cards (after running recovery software). A multi-year winner of the Knot's "Best of Weddings" award is sued by a bunch of clients and the media thinks this is a big deal. We learn about the beauty of death and see brainstorm how we can incorporate that into our weddings. DJI puts out a new Osmo pocket thing for cell phones.

Beer Talk:
Dustin - Fat Tire from New Belgium Brewing Co.
Steve - Milk Stout from Left Hand Brewing Co.

Does anyone need the 61 megapixels in that Sony A7r IV?
What AF settings do you use throughout a wedding day?
What's your best/worst cancellation story?
What do you need to consider to provide an accurate quote for a destination wedding?

Phantom Producer Louie Novak's story about a photographer losing photos in a house fire on Petapixel.
Photographer gets their gear back and wedding photos on WQOW.
The Knot award winner who is getting sued by clients on Petapixel.
Best of Australian Geographic with the beauty in death photo on BBC.
DJI Osmo Mobile 3 for your cellular phone.

Episode art is from Sally Siko. Go to Silvercord Event Photography to see more of her work!

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