Ep. #091 - Should You Date a Wedding Client Who is in an Open Relationship?


This week we're talking about some photography and videography criminals. There's the photographer who doesn't deliver wedding photos, the videographer who doesn't show up to weddings and sometimes delivers videos with footage from other weddings in the mix, and there's the drone footage from Yellowstone of a rollerblader that Skydio shared.

We also talk a lot about Disney in this episode, since Dustin just returned his trip. Should he have gotten the photo pass? We have follow up on the coolest cooler. We also have follow up on the Republican email list and that mug they keep trying to send to Dustin.

Beer Talk:
Dustin - Killians Irish Red
Steve - Old Fashioned

But let's get down to everyone's favorite part of the show, Q&A! Questions this week: 1) Should you date a wedding client who is in an open relationship? 2) What to do when the bride and groom are in beautiful window light but all of their guests are stuck in tungsten light?

Old Timer's Old Fashioned
Coolest Cooler Fiasco
Name Changing Photographer
No Show Videographer
Skydio in Hot Water at Yellowstone

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