Ep. #092 - How Much Money Is Too Much Money For A Second Shooter?


This week we're talking about robot photographers, photographers that don't deliver albums and photographers that bring unvaccinated toddlers to newborn shoots. So tune in to get the details on how you can survive the forthcoming robot apocalypse by being a great robot manager. Or don't do that. Either way, it's a good, good show, even if we forgot about the 4/20 and Easter Holidays.

Beer Talk:
Steve - Busted Knuckle by Quaff On Brewing Co.
Dustin - He once drank a Sweet Baby Jesus Porter by DuClaw Brewing Co.

Q&A: If a photographer quoted you a ridiculously high price to second shoot, then when they ask for a second shooter should you quote a ridiculously high price back at them? Do you have any time restrictions for wedding days? I.E. Won't show up before 7 or won't stay past midnight.

Robot Photographer Shoots First Wedding
Arizona Photographer Who Isn't Delivering Albums
Unvaccinated Toddler Brought To Newborn Shoot

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