Ep. #107 - Post Wedding Drive Home with Jennifer Van Elk of Wedded

photo by  Sam Hurd .

photo by Sam Hurd.

This week is an experimental episode. After shooting a wedding together, on the drive home, Steve and Jenn recorded an episode of Wedding Photo Hangover. They walk listeners through the itinerary for the day of the wedding and talk about problems that arose and how they problem solved. Since they are using mobile recording equipment in a noisy environment, the audio isn't quite as good as usual, but we feel that the content more than makes up for that. We hope you feel the same way.

Beer Talk (after they get home):
Jenn - Double DIPA - Azacca + Ekuanot from Taxman Brewing Company
Steve - Cherry Wit-Held from Taxman Brewing Company

What music pumps you up for a wedding day?
Do you charge more for weddings on major holidays?
Have you ever had the strange feeling the bride didn't like you while shooting her wedding?

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