Ep. #106 - Relocating Your Business with Meredith Ryncarz of the Restart Specialist

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This week we were joined by Meredith Ryncarz of Meredith Ryncarz Photography and the Restart Specialist! Those are both websites and YouTube channels full of educational content for photographers. If you’re not familiar with either of those, then you may have seen her work in Forbes, Southern Living, Tidewater and Tulle, Southern Weddings, Bokeh and Aisle Planner. We talk with Meredith about relocating your business in a new city, finding second shooters in a new city, how you can find and exploit weaknesses in a new market, and about some great tips for getting your name out there and networking when you move. This episode is jam packed with great information.

Beer Talk:
Meredith - Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Dustin -  Pool Time Ale from Bell's Brewery
Steve - The CPA (creamy peach ale) from Taxman Brewing Company

Is there a good way to let another photographer know they're overexposing their photos?
How do you let a bride know you're not her planner/coordinator?
If you accidentally edit a baby photo to look like a Twilight vampire, do you stick with it or change things up?

If you loved hearing from Meredith and want to get more educational tips from her or just check out her work then hit up these links: Meredith Ryncarz PhotographyThe Restart SpecialistMeredith Ryncarz YouTubeThe Restart Specialist YouTubeMeredith Ryncarz Instagram, and The Restart Specialist Instagram.

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