Ep. #105 - Should You Charge More When You Have a Difficult Client?

A big thanks to Josh Withers for letting us use his photo as the episode art this week!

A big thanks to Josh Withers for letting us use his photo as the episode art this week!

Has your favorite government employee been fired for liking Tupac too much? Yeah, we're all feeling it this week. But it's okay, because we've got stories about a drunk that cleared a dance floor with her awful smell, a mistake on Amazon that allowed people to buy gear for under $100, a new Sony A7r IV, a new DJI Roni-SC, the world's first Solargraphy time-lapse, the smallest full frame camera (from Sigma), and the Moment Air Kickstarter! Plus we reveal more to the story of the "influencer" with 55k followers who wanted free wedding videos made and got rejected by Betrothed and Co.

Beer Talk:
Steve - Fathom IPA from Ballast Point Brewing
Dustin - Vodka spiked Lemon Shakeup

Should you charge a pain in the ass fee for difficult clients or difficult primary photographers?
Should you use UV filters?
How many days should the client pay for you to be at a destination wedding?

Episode art from Josh Withers.
Find more about Josh at https://marriedbyjosh.com/

Government employee fired for loving Tupac.
Influencer rejected by Betrothed and Co.
Guest craps herself on the dance floor.
The new DJI Ronin-SC.
The new Sony a7R IV.
Amazon's big mistake during prime days.
The world's first Solargraphy timelapse.
The Moment Air Kickstarter.
Sigma unveils the world's smallest Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera.

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