Ep. #104 - What's the Most Awkward Situation You've Been in as a Photographer?


This week we're talking about influencers and privilege. Why do some people think they deserve to be given free photos and video... or ice cream for that matter? We're also talking about last minute changes to itineraries, how long couples should kiss during their first kiss, what it's like to shoot with a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, and why it is that people are calling styled shoots stranger sessions all of a sudden. We've also got a lot of follow up on shooting out of the country, working in politics, shoe fashion for photographers, Dustin's new SEO guy (the rat), and DJI drones.

Beer Talk:
Dustin - Jamocha Shake from Arbys (not a beer)
Steve - The Poet from New Holland Brewing Company

What's the most awkward situation you've been put in this wedding season?
What do you do if no one is smiling during a wedding?
If an image is 98% someone else's work (like an overlay or art piece you're shooting with someone's face in it), is it morally right to call it your work?

Stories of awkward moments in the Wedding Hangover facebook group.
Influencer bride tries to get free photos and video with 55k followers on Bored Panda.
Influencers pay double at an LA Ice Cream Truck on NBC Los Angeles.

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