Ep. #013 - Professional Fat Ass Card Stock With Special Guest Micala McClain

This week Steve was too sick to record, so special guest Micala McClain of 604 Studios joined Dustin on the podcast to talk about dealing with the craziness of fall... Without Steve, there was no beer consumption or beer talk, so it's straight into the photography stuff. They talk about handling the crazy that is fall and discuss why people are obsessed with fall. Then they talk about plans for the off season and all the work they want to get done. Micala's looking at changing up her website hosting service and changing her photo hosting service. Dustin has what he calls a 16TB hard drive, but I assume is two 8 TB hard drives in a RAID configuration and then he talks about how he's going to hit Instagram really hard this winter. At the end, Dustin teases some other special guests we'll be having on the show this winter, so stay tuned to the bitter end so you don't miss it.

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