Ep. #014 - Professionals Dual Write

This week on the podcast Dustin is traveling and unable to get a beer up to his hotel room, so Steve's pulling all of his dead weight with a Dogfish Head Punkin Ale. Dustin's off enjoying the Niagara Falls, in down province Ontario. Then we talk about the app Windowed.io for posting photos to Instagram from your desktop computer. After that, Steve and Dustin talk Instagram hashtag strategy.

Next up we talk about that new Sony A7R III, and that falls apart when there's a shocking revelation about one of the hosts and whether or not they dual write to two memory cards. Then we talk about the Sony RX0, while one host is still reeling and shocked by the revelation. Steve gets nerdy about Carl Zeiss, the moon, and Stanley Kubrick, but Dustin doesn't want to talk about that. Steve reveals the truth about why people love fall.

Then we answer some questions. First up, should you white balance your camera? Next, what's a good camera that shoots RAW and lets you switch lenses for less than $300? Finally, what do you do if you offer a free session without rights to the photos, but the client is adamant that they thought they were getting those photos?

The show is over, except what is that? A little after show fun. Steve tries to get Dustin to talk about Stranger Things, but Dustin hasn't watched season 1 yet. Steve talks about getting intimate hugs from clients. Then, finally, Dustin shares the story of that photo of the bride feeding him cake at a wedding.

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