Ep. #041 - The Wedding Photographers Unite Crossover Extravaganza

a backlit man takes photos of his wife on their wedding day while she plays the violin

Photo by Neal Urban (links below).

This week we teamed up with Andy Buscemi and Neal Urban from the Wedding Photographers Unite podcast to do a crossover episode. I know, it's crazy. You'd never expect to see the cast of Brooklyn 9/9 popping up in an episode of New Girl, but that's basically what this episode is. We'll let you decide which show is Brooklyn 9/9 and which is New Girl. Hold on to your butts. This is a good episode.

After some brief introductions, Neal starts us off with a conundrum (trademark Wedding Photographers Unite). Neal was shooting a wedding where the groom wasn't going to be there for the first 5 hours of the wedding day but the bride wanted to do a bunch of pictures during that time which would typically have the groom in them. After that Andy talks about a Back to the Future themed shot he did. Here's a link to the Back-to-the-Future photo on Andy's facebook page:


Then we're on to topics. First up we have a brief discussion about whether or not black and white photos have a place in wedding photography. Then we're talking about interns and what to do with interns both on the wedding day and throughout the rest of the week. Then we talk about whether or not we deliver photos to our clients that are a little bit crazy.

Finally we do some Q&A the Wedding Photo Hangover way! It's like Steve was just waiting all episode to get to this. We only do one question and it's a doozy. How do you let guests know that the Uncle Bob (or Uncle Cousin Ange-Bob trademark Wedding Photo Hangover) at the wedding isn't your boss in a way that isn't rude... especially when they're coming up to you to tell you that the Uncle Bob that they assume is your boss has toilet paper stuck to his shoe? I know, this question is a meaty delight and I don't blame anyone who skips ahead to this part.

The episode art was provided by Neal Urban. Check out his Instagram linked below. It's the photo he shot of Andy and his wife. You've got to listen to their last episode, episode 82 called No Words, to hear Neal and his wife Danielle tell Andy and his wife Kristen the story behind the photo. It's so good.

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