Ep. #042 - How Much Are 1.2 Million Followers Worth?

Steve commits to drinking 4 Strongbow Hard Ciders in the episode as a goof while Dustin is straight sipping a clear liquid. Then we’re on to follow up. We confront the inherent sexism in a question from the last episode of our podcast. Then we talk about one of our oldest bits of follow up on this podcast. That’s right, we talk about Steve flying his drone finally.

Then we push into the good stuff. Steve talks about a guy who was trying to sell his twitter account, which had 1.2 million followers. You'll never guess how much money he wanted for it. Then we talk about hotel accommodations for out of town guests. We get stuck here for a very long time because Steve cannot for the life of him understand Dustin's idea. Next up we talk about who should cover expenses incurred when you need another location. Once again we get hung up on this topic because Steve cannot fathom Dustin's terrible decisions. Finally we talk about when it's appropriate to give constructive criticism and how you should go about doing it.

If you want to check out the Weddings For Real Podcast which had a promo in this episode right before Q&A, check it out here: 

Finally we move on to Q&A! Oh hell yes! We only do two questions this week. The first question is how do you keep an upset guest from ruining your business with bad reviews. The next question is about whether or not you would consider selling RAW files. Which also happened to be a question Ulices Del Toro asked Steve about on his podcast Wedding Photo Podcast the day after Dustin and I recorded... So if you came here from there, sorry if it seems like Steve is talking about the exact same thing. Also, the Strongbow really did Steve in and he ended up feeling a little hungover the next day. We don't recommend drinking 4 of them at a time, even if they are tiny ones like the ones Steve was drinking.

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