Ep. #043 - Ya Boy Sample Size Doza (David Mendoza III)

David Mendoza III or @heydoza sitting in a chair in paris wearing a white shirt and boots and sunglasses with a camera on the table in front of him

This week we interview wedding photographer David Mendoza III, or you might know him better as Doza. Doza talks to us about his favorite taco shop, going full time with his wedding photography, his motorcycle accidents, losing drones in Bali, shooting twilights, working with young models, Instagram's Instaprom and getting pressured into getting Swarovski Crystals painted on one of his finger nails. Doza is going to be speaking at Showit United this year and he talks a little bit about what he'll be talking about this year and how things went when he spoke there last year. Doza also talks with us a little about how difficult it is to have a bifurcated personality online, managing both an inspirational account which showcases certain aspects of who he is and also managing his wedding account which highlights different aspects of his personality.

The questions this week are pretty crazy. I won't ruin them here, but they deal with changing the conversation about you within the industry, blocking off the brand names on your gear, and proper foot wear for men at weddings.

Also, here's that photo David shot in Bali that he described as being everything he ever wanted in a photo:

A couple walking through a gorge toward waterfalls in bali with cool and warm tones

Head over to David's website if you want to see that photo in higher resolution.

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