Ep. #044 - The First Rule Of Photog Club

man in a suit and a woman in a dress and fur coat stand behind a yellow tandem bike in front of the inn at irwin gardens

Photo by Jennifer Van Elk

First up this week Dustin and Steve discuss the Royal Wedding, only two weeks late! Then we follow up on Dustin's hotel room drama. After that it's on to the main show.

First up, we're talking digital file delivery again. Who do you allow to download those photos? Next up we're talking about the Skydio drone. The Skydio drone had a software update giving it the ability to track cars, which is pretty cool. After that we talk a lot about copyright issues and your rights with your photos. Unfortunately, this section only deals with the copyright rules and regulations in the USA, so if you want to skip ahead because you're not from the USA, that's okay. Dustin forces Steve to talk about his wife's Wes Anderson inspired photo shoot that went viral several years ago. Then we're talking about the new trend for weddings, Bouncy Castles! Finally, our last topic is whether or not you should give in to ceremony locations that request your presence prior to the date of the wedding.

Then we move on to Q&A! The first question is about the first rule of photog club. I see a lot of new listeners, which means a lot of you have been breaking the first rule of photog club. But for real, should you do a shoot for friends? Should you do it for free? The next question is about pricing and how much you should charge for additional hours.

Jenn's Wes Anderson inspired styled shoot:


Or check it out on Buzzfeed:


Here's a link to that blog post about the copyright issues with Fox News and Max Robinson:


Here's a link to skidoo if you ant to check out that awesome drone that does tracking shots:


And finally here's a link to a write up about that wedding bouncy castle:


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