Ep. #045 - Should You Split Tips With Your Second Shooter?

This week we're talking about a lot of stuff that makes one of us very frustrated, from DJs that brag about teaching photographers how to shoot to hacks who try to push their educational courses on you through billions of facebook and instagram ads. Dustin's on a weird diet, so he can't drink, but Steve's drinking another great Indiana beer for a great Indiana man.

Other topics include blue shift glasses, our secret facebook group, pee colored armpit stains, Facebook's new request a quote feature, hanging dresses on trees for dress shots, and what to do when you get a tip as a primary shooter. We spend a lot of time talking about the tip situation, because we think it's important when it comes to making sure your second shooter feels appreciated and compensated. Well, at least one of us does.

Then it's on to Q&A! In summary, here are the questions: How do you to tell a friend you don't want to primary shoot because you don't have the experience... but you want to find a way to recommend a primary shooter and make sure you're the second shooter for that primary shooter. Can Dustin and Steve, basically the wedding photography Style Boyz (we know how to Donkey Roll), give some guidance on how a male wedding photographer should dress? And the final question, how much should I charge to re-edit a clients photos several years after their wedding, because they like my new style so much that they want their old photos to be re-edited in that style?

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