Ep. # 046 - Should You Change Pricing When Re-Branding?

a black haired bride with her hair pulled up is being helped into her wedding dress by her black haired sister in a red dress while her mom in a blue dress stands in the background in front of a window

Steve's drinking a Founder's All Day IPA and drinking a Coke that says Futbol Fan on it because we are talking about the World Cup. Then it's on to topics: Is it okay to take photos using natural disasters as a backdrop? Does that romanticize the horrific disaster? Or is that considered profiting off someone else's pain and devastation?

Should you be taking more photos of yourself to post to Instagram? What could go wrong with a champagne pour? David Troth Wright bought an ad on MBMBAM for his wedding videography business. Steve thinks that's awesome. If you're shooting a wedding where the bride has the same dress or any other detail that's the same as another bride that you've worked with, do you mention that?

Then we move on to Q&A. Questions this week include: How do you direct groomsmen that are high? How do you deal with exes in the bridal party? How do you increase wedding rates after a re-brand?

There's a ton of talk in the after show about shooting weddings on weekdays. Dustin at one point complains a ton about the editing service he uses which shall not be named We also talk about how to deal with family photos that are requested by the family members at the wedding, and not by the bride and groom ahead of time. Also, Dustin shares a horror story of how he set up a family shot only to find out the groom didn't want to do it, at all.

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