Ep. #047 - How Far Out Are You Willing to Book?

a man and a woman stand next to each other at sunset, they are back light by the light of the sun and by an off camera flash. there's tints of blue, purple, pink, red, and orange in the sky.

First up we're talking about a surprise kid at a wedding. Dustin share's a story about shooting a wedding and finding out after family formals are over that there was a family member left out. Then Dustin asks how Steve shot 5 weddings in 2 weeks. Then we're on to follow up where Steve talks vociferously about his love of the boy who lived, Harry Kane! two goals in his first game in the World Cup and a hat trick in today's game (but we recorded the podcast on Wednesday so there's no talk of that in this episode). Dustin's still on his crazy diet and isn't drinking, but Steve's having an Upland Wheat. A great Indiana beer for a great Indiana man.

Then it's finally on to the main show. We're talking about some photo guides that Steve found on the internet first. If you want to see them head on over to the Facebook Group and say hi!


Then we move on to talking about a Reddit thread about photography and comedy, and we share some of our favorite one-liners that people use to get a laugh. Thanks to Sally Siko of @SilvercordPhoto on twitter for sharing this:


Then we talk about a minor problem Steve had on Lightroom and Steve jumps to conclusions about how savage Adobe is. After that we head over to the drone zone. There's a terrifying drone out there equipped with a flamethrower.


After that we talk about the brand new IGTV. We talk about video platforms and vertical video. We have some pretty intense feelings about it. Then we talk about a new scam email that listener Ulices Del Toro of the Wedding Photo Podcast sent to us.

Finally we move on to Steve's favorite part, Q&A! The first question comes from Devon Rowland of Devon Rowland Photography (and it was asked in the facebook group and there are more responses we didn't get to that you can check out there). How far out are you willing to book? Then, what do you do if someone glams up your photos and asks you to post them online? Last, where do you bounce the flash inside a church with a high ceiling?

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