Ep. #072 - Extraneous Photoshop Requests

bride and groom kiss at night on waterfront while backlit by off camera flash and with tons of bokeh behind them broad ripple

Opener: The Marvel Avengers Infinity War 2 title reveal and trailer discussion

Follow Up:
Capture One Deals That Weren’t
Risky Business Photos for Dustin’s Real Estate Company

Beer Talk:
Steve - Dragon’s Milk by New Holland Brewing Co.
Dustin - Christmas Ale by Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Sony, new sensors coming, including 8k video
Sony claims they could make fast lenses, but it’d be a waste of time
GoogleFi cell phone service
Can you make an album with another photographer’s photos without getting permission from that photographer?
Shooting in parks and public spaces, and people who yell at photographers for doing it.

What should I do if someone asks for egregious changes to be made to my contract?
Can I use a constant light source to light the first dance instead of flash?
How should I respond to extraneous edit requests? 

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