Ep. #096 - 1337 City Slickers with Matt Payne of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast


This week we had Matt Payne of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast on the show. Matt’s a tremendous landscape photographer and mountain climber. We talked with Matt about what gear you should pack when backpacking and shooting, how drones impact the way he shoots, how photographers can be more conscientious of how they interact with nature, and what his scariest interaction has been with an animal while camping.

Beer Talk:
Matt - The Reverend from Avery Brewing Co
Dustin - Dragon’s Milk Reserve: Raspberry Hibiscus from New Holland Brewing Co.
Steve - Deduction Belgian Dubbel from Taxman Brewing Co.

What’s some 1337 lingo I can use so I don’t sound like a city slicker at a landscape photography adventure workshop?
What do you do when God sucks up all the water from a lake and now there’s no lake at the geotag?
How can I fix a hole in my polarized lens filter after I dropped it?
I shot photos of a purple lake but when I went to edit there were just basic blue lake photos and now I’m wondering what happened to the photos I took of cool stuff?
My tripod is missing two legs and keeps falling over as a result. How can I fix this?

Find more about Matt at https://www.mattpaynephotography.com

Find his podcast F-Stop Collaborate and listen here: https://www.mattpaynephotography.com/page/f-stop-collaborate-and-listen/

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