Ep. #103 - Do You Take Selfies with Random Guests?


Dustin is back from Mexico and we're bringing that fire again. This week we're talking about a photographer that punched a groom in the nose (no jokes), the f/2.0 new holy trinity that Canon is rolling out, and guests applauding as the bride walks down the aisle... WTF is up with that? We're also taking a cold look at true crime again with the story of photographer who was caught scamming brides. Busted. But first we have some follow up about piñatas and the relative greenness of California compared to Indiana. Also, Steve's wife Jenn writes in to set the record straight on a lot of dumb stuff Steve has said.

Beer Talk:
Dustin - Fat Tire from New Belgium
Steve - The Poet from New Holland Brewing 

Can you fire a model for losing weight?
What should you do if a random guest at a wedding asks to take a photo with you?
What lenses should you buy to up your game from the typical kit lenses?

Canon's rumored new Holy Trinity of lenses on Digital Camera World.
Onur Albayrak hits groom in face on Petapixel.
The WBTV reporting on the man scamming brides, Jonathan Cox.

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