Ep. #111 - Adventurous Elopements and Drone Photos with Josh Withers of the Rebel's Guide to Getting Married

This week we recorded with Josh Withers! Josh is a marriage celebrant from Australia, but this episode is about so much more than just celebrating marriage. Josh and his wife Brit run a company called the Elopement Collective and we talk to Josh a lot about planning and running elopements. We also talk to him about the role photographers play in elopements and what his wife and him look for when they're trying to identify photographers to work with for their company. Josh is also an amazing drone photographer and while he's out doing elopements he takes a lot of drone photos of the surrounding landscapes. So we talk with Josh a lot about the drone photos and what he looks for when shooting drone photos.

Beer Talk:
Josh - Glenfiddich 12 Year Single Malt Scotch
Dustin - Elvis Juice from BrewDog
Steven - Devil's Cup Pale Ale from 18th Street Brewery

Should you photoshop the officiant out of the ceremony if the couple didn't like them?
Should you do an elopement in Bali if the couple can't pay anything for it till after the date?
How do you build up the courage to fly your drone more?
How should you charge for an elopement that will include an 8 hour hike?
What should you do if your client books you a flight that includes a 12 hour layover when you could just drive to the shoot location in less time?

Find more information about Josh:
Married by Josh, The Elopement Collective, The Celebrant Institute, The Rebel's Guide to Getting Married, and Josh Withers Art (if you want to purchase any of Josh's drone photos). You can also find Josh on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Episode artwork from Kate Roberge Photography and The Elopement Collective.

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