Ep. #112 - Should You Block Your Business Frenemies with James Kelly and Ross Eaglesham of the Photographer's Craic Podcast

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We’re joined by James Kelly and Ross Eaglesham of the Photographer’s Craic Podcast this week! We’re talking about ways to jazz up your real estate photography with sexy pictures… like literally, pictures of yourself having sex. James shares a story about a couple having sex at a wedding in a deliberate attempt to to destroy family photos. We’re also sharing stories about the pettiest things that have happened at weddings, as in the pettiest things we’ve made the mistake of doing. James shares the secret to doing shooting three weddings in a row that are all over 12 hours.

Beer Talk:
Ross - Stratheden Whisky from the Lost Distillery Company
James - A’Bunadh Whisky from Aberlour Distillery
Steve - Wathens Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon
Dustin - Indiana Tap Water

Does anyone Google venues to see how other photographers edited the photos they took there?
What’s the secret to making good Instagram stories?
Should I block the frenemy that is currently ripping off my business ideas and pricing pages word for word?

Episode art:
Created out of spite after multiple requests for a photo were met with no reply.

Real estate agent who uploaded pictures of himself engaged in sex acts to the internet on Scoop Nashville.

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