Ep. #114 - From Film School to Wedding Photographer with Raymond Hatfield of the Beginner Photography Podcast

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This week we're joined by Raymond Hatfield of the Beginner Photography Podcast! Raymond is a Indianapolis wedding photographer with a lot of experience. This week we're talking to Raymond about the LA Dodgers, his journey from Tech High School to Film School to Wedding Photographer, his photography podcast and its awesome community.

Beer Talk:
Raymond - Super Cluster Ale from Lagunitas Brewing Company
Steve - Oktoberfest from Upland Brewing Co.
Dustin - Water

Should you leave your Sony a7 1DX Mark III in the box or use it? Which way is it more valuable?
How can I make sure I capture the wedding and keep my wits about me to get some photos of a Sasquatch when I'm in Bigfoot country?
How can you get your beer in the photos and your photos in the beer when documenting the home brewing experience, without ruining a GoPro while boiling the wort?
Siri, How drunk isshto drunf when shooting a weeeeeeeeeedin?

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