Ep. #113 - What Should You Do When a Wedding Guest Disrespects You?

Episode art from Rob Betz of  Clean Slate Wedding Photography by Heather & Rob .

What do you even do with $4k cash? Having trouble figuring out what to do with that drug money your client used to pay you? Don't worry, we can help. Also we're talking about those iPhones 11 Pro Max, bothers that steal your photos, Skylum Luminar 4, and advertising on Facebook. We also talk about the Hillary Clinton gangster infested Google groups (and we have no clue what the hell that means).

Beer Talk:
Dustin - VooDoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA from New Belgium
Steven - Buffalo Trace Bourbon with Coca-Cola

What do you think of the Smart Albums subscription pricing structure?
Has anyone else ever had a guest rub them the wrong way at a wedding?
Is it a good idea to watermark photos and share them with venues? Will that bring in referrals?
Do you prefer Cheetos skin tones or Doritos skin tones?

Episode art from Rob Betz of Clean Slate Wedding Photography by Heather & Rob.

The Reddit user whose photos are being stolen by their 13-year-old brother.
Skylum Luminar 4, which Dustin does not endorse by also doesn't not endorse.

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