Ep. #115 - Can You Take a Photo of a Piece of Art? or Scotland's Famous Leprechauns and Lucky Charms

Photo provided by James Kelly of  James Kelly dot Columbia !

Photo provided by James Kelly of James Kelly dot Columbia!

STOP VAPING NOW! Look, we gotta get this important message out. Vaping is too cool and the government doesn't want you to look so cool anymore. So you have to stop now... also people are dying... but mostly the government hates how cool you look. So leave your vape stick at home and take professional vapist off your business card. Now that we've finished that, let's get to the episode! We're talking about about reproducing art with your camera, shooting in houses/buildings with art on the walls, and shooting in public in front of artwork (graffiti, sculptures, statues). Have you heard of the iPhone that outshot a professional wedding photographer with some sort of DSLR or Mirrorless camera? Cause we're talking about that this week. We also talk about Steve's accident on the way to a wedding, Dustin's video woes, and the concept of having a minimum amount of money a client is required to book you for if they want to shoot on a Saturday or Sunday.

Beer Talk:
Dustin - Coffee
Steven - Screamsicle Horrorhound from Scarlet Lane Brewing Co. (Indiana's best brewery)

Where should I go on the West Coast when planning a trip to America?
How long do you plan to shoot weddings?
How much extra do you charge for destination weddings?

This week we also talk about all things Scotland! Leprechauns, Guinness, Blarney Stones, St. Patrick, Lucky Charms, and more! Come for the photo content. Stay for intelligent discussion about Scottish stereotypes.

Episode artwork provided by Columbian Photographer James Kelly, who made the mistake of saying we could use any photo from his website.

Amazon Exec Promoting Echo Buds While Wearing Apple AirPods on Business Insider.
The iPhone that outshot the professional photographer on Insider.com.

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